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Sunday, February 5, 2012

January Update

It's been a while, that's why I'll just spare you all the information - enjoy the pictures! 

A heap of the following pictures are taken on Rottnest Island, an Island just half an hour from Perth. Rottnest Island and a very small amount of other places in southeastern Western Australia are the only places in the whole world where Quokkas are found!

Beautiful snorkelling spots with wonderfully colourful fish, beautiful beaches and the speedy boat ride back (see videos) made this day one of the best days so far!

(c) Felix Smith
(c) Felix Smith
(c) Felix Smith
(c) Felix Smith
(c) Felix Smith

Fences to protect from Quokkas


The second host family with some friends
at Scarborough Beach having an evening

Fremantle Harbour

My first host family's mum, Deb,
about to take a bite into her
birthday cake!
Birthday memories revisited!


Fondue night!

We found this Gecko in the bathroom, it
was incredibly tiny!

43 Degrees Celsius...

Beachgoers on Australia Day (January 26)

@ the beach on Australia Day with family

Australia Day Fireworks 

Harley flying the aircraft above the
back yard...

Tiny, but beautiful park in Perth