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Friday, January 28, 2011

Dear (Imaginary) Host Family

Dear (imaginary) Host Family
thank you for accepting me! I am really looking forward to seeing you at the airport in two weeks! You let me regain strength. I was really devastated and I thought I would never end up in Australia, because all my fellow exchange students had already left or had a hostfamily. I started asking myself why its still me that didn't have a host family, even though I had contacted AFS half a year before the actual deadline. You give me self-confidence again and you are going to be so glad that you have chosen me. Not only am I not spoilt, I will too bring you some Swiss chocolate, so good decision :) . I think this is a great possibility for you to learn more about the Swiss culture, and I'm really excited about getting to know both your way of living and Australian culture! Your choice is good too, because I am a rather quiet, adapted teenager and I am very uncomplicated. I don't expect much, nore need I much and I'm sure I'll cope well with every single family member! You have made the right decsion, from the moment you contacted me to find more about me! Thank you, my (imaginary) host family!

Your host son

Elijah Temperli

PostScirptum: Why is it written in green? Well, green is supposed to be the colour of hope....

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

(T)Here we come, Australia!

First of all: Best wishes to my fellow exchange students who are leaving for their exchange year tomorrow evening! May you have a great experience!
Als Erstes: Beste Wünsche an alle meine Kolleginnen und Kollegen, für die das Abenteuer Morgen Abend mit dem Abflug startet! Nur die besten Wünsche und ich hoffe, dass ihr super Erlebnisse haben werdet!

G'day mate!
Got an update today: Australia is in a ressetion currently, so AFS Australia has difficulties in finding host families... Great information was, that I was told, that AFS promised that we'd all finally be able to travel to Down Under sooner or later.
So, I am really starting to look forward again, it's working quite well! HERE WE COME AUSTRALIA (Sooner or later :) )


Heute habe ich ein Update erhalten: Da in Australien zur Zeit eine Rezession ist, ist es für AFS Australien sehr schwierig, Gastfamilien zu finden. Grossartige Informationen waren, dass wir auf JEDEN FALL ALLE (früher oder später) nach Australien reisen würden, was für uns alle sicherlich eine Erleichterung darstellt.
So probiere ich  mich wieder täglich auf das Abenteuer Austauschjahr Australie zu freuen, und es scheint sogar zu klappen, Dank solch grossartigen Informationen (ich hatte vorher irgendwie Angst, ich würde es nie bis da "unten" schaffen...)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Australia? / Australien?

Hi mates!
To tell you the truth: Lately I've started to think about if I'll actually every arrive in Down Under: The "regular" depature date -most of my fellow exchange student are departing then- is next Wednesday and I beginningly got the information, that I'll now be departuring on February 17th, but as time passes by the beginningly utterly impossible thought of departing even later - or not at all?! is getting more and more possible. I'm actually questioning myself - even though I'm not the only one who doesn't have a hostfamily yet - whats wrong with me i.e. why I don't have a hostfamily yet....
We got a letter 2 months ago that it wasn't our fault that we don't have a hostfamily yet, I would have really prefered that letter now...


Um die Wahrheit zu sagen: In letzer Zeit habe ich begonnen, darüber nachzudenken, ob ich eigentlich überhaupt irgendwann in Australien ankommen werde, denn das "reguläre" Abreisedatum -die meisten meiner KollegInnen, die auch nach Australien reisen, werden tatsächlich dann abreisen - ist bereits der nächste Mittwoch. Wir sind noch eine Gruppe von 8 verbleibenden Personen, die weder das Visa noch eine Gastfamilie hat. Der anfänglich unmögliche Gedanke, noch später als am 17. Februar (unser jetziges Abreisedatum) abzufliegen, wird nach und nach realistischer, mehr noch: Ich frage mich langsam wirklich, ob ich überhaupt je abreisen werde und wo mein Fehler liegt (da ich noch keine Familie in Down Under habe).
Vor etwa 2.5 Monaten haben wir einen Brief erhalten, in dem uns versichert wurde, dass wir keinerlei Schuld an dem verspäteten Abflug hätten, ich persönlich hätte es jedoch sinnvoller gefunden, wenn wir diesen Brief jetzt erhalten hätten....

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Nightmare 1


I eventually got my departure date - February 17th -, though most other exchange students (for instance my girlfriend, which is going to Australia with AFS too) are leaving on January 26th, because they already have a hostfamily. I was glad when I got the information, that I won't be departing alone on the 17th, we are 8 students heading to Australia who don't have a hostfamily yet.... So the 26th will be sort of a nightmare (by the way: Some are flying to London first, then flying from there towards Australia, other ones are having a stopover in Dubai; so even the ones departing on the same date don't fly all together :( )...
So time's been passing by rapidely lately, and as this is happening, my fears are growing: Will I manage missing all friends and family? What happens if I go to bed and a venomous animal is on my bed and happens to bite me? What If the poisonous animal is in the toilet paper carton thingie and I don't happen to see it? What if I happen to go surfing and then a shark bites me or the most poisonous animal on earth - some kind of jellyfish - stings me?
Of course I know that these would be horror scenarios, but nonetheless...
Last but not least, I really hope that the flooding in Queensland stops soon and I really hope that everyone manages to tackle the flooding (and that my fellow exchange students can enjoy their stay anyway...).