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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Things I'm Going to Miss


Well, after having left Zürich yesterday with fellow students of the school I'm attending (MNG Rämibühl) we drove up to Davos in a total of I think 12 coaches. It was great fun skiing for the last time for more than a year, even though I almost froze off my toes and fingers (-21°C). So as you see, one of the things I'm going to miss is skiing. Another very convenient thing I'm going to miss, because I was told it wouldn't be organised as well as in Switzerland in Austrlia, is travelling around by train, whether going to school every day simply visiting people by train. The trains here in Switzerland are usually on time and as I already said very convenient. Some impressions of what I'm going to miss:

In the coach on the way back to Zürich

Swiss Alps in the background

Railwaystation Thalwil (where I live)

One of the things I like as well: Free newspapers :D

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Highs and Lows

Hi guys!

Actually the title is "Highs and Lows", but to be honest, I'm in a low right now. 
I promised myself, that during the time I'll be writing this blog, I'd write about the good and the bad times and happenings, so everyone can see how an exchange year really is from my point of view. So I have to be honest now and I have to admit that I'm in a low now. It's the time where everyone's asking you when exactly you're going (and you can't answer the question because you don't have any date) and everyone's saying how "mean" you are since you're leaving them for 11 months. Then I met extremely nice people in the pre-departure weekend and we were all hoping that we'd be flying together, but guess what: We aren't.
Another fact which is bothering me more and more is the fact that since I'll be leaving in the middle of February (one of the like 5 dates I got up to now), which means I'll have 2 weeks less summer and that the exchange will be about 10 months all in all, instead of 11 (but we paid for 11 months....).

Please hope that I have a hostfamily soon, it would make so much easier.